Simon writes:

>As to the above exchange, capital is a relationship, a twisted
>relationship: an alienated relationship. That alienation is manifested in
>its pure form as money: remember the "money soul which percolates society"?
>A capitalism seized by a vanguard, supposedly in the interests of the
>working class, is state capitalism, and just as pernicious. Socialism has
>no place for banknotes except as for burning in the fireplace of someone
>who is cold.

Yes but. The money form is a manifestation of the commodity form, which 
Lenin, if I remember rightly, calls in an interesting metaphor the 'cell' or 
'seed' of capitalist social relations. In the example of burning money, what 
you describe is removal of exchange value from one commodity (money) so that 
all remains is its use value.

Which reminds me of a story about Bakhtin- snowed up in a Russian winter and 
without adequate supplies, he is supposed to have used one of his books as 
cigarette paper. No copies of the work remain.


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