G'day Macdonald,

I was hoping to let this unhappy little silliness pass, but you're making it
difficult for me.  I, for one, intend to observe this list's recently
mentioned and long-standing policy not to engage in discussions concerning
personalities not subscribed to this list (and sad indeed to see that Jerry
couldn't live up to a policy to which he explicitly committed himself only
last month).  And whilst I reckon this 'I'm gonna take my ball and go home'
talk is a bit over-the-top, Macdonald, you do remind me of this list's
democratically agreed policy and the role of a co-moderator occasionally to
lend such commitments some clout.

If Thaxists wanna renogotiate the policy, well, fine (although I'd join Russ
in passionately casting a no-change vote in such an event).  Failing that,
if they wanna keep up unproductive personal sniping, Bill and I would have
to assume the balance of the list would want us to slap bottoms accordingly.

The list has been regaining just a little of its old zest of late.  Let's
not squash the phoenix in its egg, eh?


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