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 The  tradition of
> Marxism must be able to convey the substance of Marx, Engels, Lenin and
> experiences of actual socialism in a concentrated and synoptic form to
the new
> generations of Marxism so that they can build on the tradition without
> starting from scratch. The proverbial thought is we shouldn't have to
> the wheel every generation.

But our theory is that we don't invent the wheel: historical circumstances,
the devemopment of the capitalist mode of production, does. Marxism, at a
point where revolution is viable, is not an arduous climb to knowledge, but
a systematised account of the obvious world situation. To be sure, if you
want to understand how capitalism works, in all its detail, you will always
need a great deal of study: this is for the academic, not for the
revolutionary. The democratic revolutionary wants a situation where all
understand the project, and all can participate, hence comes up with a
minimum definition of social knowledge to understand the world. That's why
our party, for example, has an object and declaration of principles. A
short text and eight points, all of which can be understood by looking at
the world that we are in. Of course, it's then that people tend to spend a
lifetime understanding their world, and reading their Marx and Engels etc.,
but then chess is always said to take an hour to learn and a lifetime to
master. The point is that in a democratic revolution all are players,
whereas in a vanguard revolution only some can understand the rules and the
rest are the pieces.


Charles: Yes, I was sort of agreeing with you.


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