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>There seems to be a lot of lost souls on this list who claim to be 
>Marxists yet endorsed NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia, or who claim to 
>be world socialists without having read a word of Marx.  
>Do they think that this is the groucho marx thaxist theatre?
>They could save a lot of time and energy by reading the Communist 
>Manifesto and then whipping themselves. 

How diligently have you read Marx? The Manifesto itself describes lots of
self declared socialists who are not scientific socialists. It is entirely
normal that a marxist position would have to clarify itself in relation to
them. Utopian socialism is not always reactionary.

BTW has the Liaison Committee issues a call yet for unconditional military
solidarity with the Chechens? And if so how is it going to be implemented,
if it does not also call on the IMF to impose sanctions on Russia as it did
on Indonesia to make it disgorge East Timor?

Chris Burford


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