>Subject: report
>From: "DROM" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Add to Contacts
>Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 14:50:51 +0100
>To all democratic civilized human nations and to all government of the
>western countries and to all European Community.
>In the name of the humanity and human solidarity, we, the Roma mothers
>want to address to you this
>We mothers Roma from Kosovo address this appeal to all the mothers all
>over the world. At the moment we are in the hardest times in our history
>since our arrival in Kosovo many unties ago.
>This tragedy swert away all our possession gained by our hard world. Our
>European standard of living, our houses with modern eguipements all is
>gone for good, swept by the robbers, pyromen and Albanian terrorists.
>The swill in our faces and in the faces of our children turn to tears
>while instead warmth in our hearts now is ache, sorrow for lost place and
>freedom, sorrow for daunt job and dignity. In just one split of a second
>our serene family life turned to fear uncertainty. Our living became
>nomad, as we never had one like this.
>We live in the camp, in tents where conditions are so bad. We have rains,
>floods in the tents, wet blankets and sponges won the beds where we lay
>with our children. With such bad conditions came diseases such are:
>Enemies, Flue, dehydration, Bronchitis, Asthma and in the worst cases
>Hepatitis. Because of the fact that medical stuff in the camp Stenkovac 2
>is composed only of Albanians we simply can't expect proper care for us.
>Also we can't expect proper special medical care in Tetovo as the most of
>the doctors are also Albanians and we are suffering because of them. All
>this results wit bad conditions among us, mothers and among our children,
>so few days ago one of the mothers died.
>In such bed conditions in the tents live 13 newborn babies, from one-day
>age up to two monist, also 76 incline women and 196 mother still breast
>freezing their babies. Because of bad nourishing, low caloric food (only
>peppers and salt cheese) we have lot of sick women, insights,
>This tragedy in form of genocide and these poor conditions for living may
>cause the death of many children and u, the mothers. So we address this
>APEAL to all she women all over the world to give their simpathy to us the
>mothers in camp Stenkovac 2 and to our children. We appeal to all
>humanitarian organisations and to all women to demonstrate and to protest,
>to make pressure to their governments to take us to their countries so we
>can feel again what we have lost, our peace, jobs, freedom, the future of
>our children, our peaceful and serene family life-with this, the women all
>over the world will express their humanity which is incorporated in their
>Mothers all over the world, as are writing this appeal to you, our hands
>are frozen, the only light is the light of the candle which flame is
>swinging by the wind in our tent.
>Instead the heart from the stove, our children's hearts is warmth only by
>our motherly love and our hopes fur our better future. Mousers all over
>the world, please help us, help our children in this worst times in our
>Roma Mothers from Kosovo who are in Stenkovac 2
>Refugee camp in Macedonia
>  Ashmet Elezovski member of board the Roma National Congress
>            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Roma Community Center "DROM"Kumanovo
>Lokalitet Serava prizemje 7a
>91300 Kumanovo R.Macedonia
>Kumanovo 08.11.1999
>Kosovar Roma in the camp Stenkovac 2
>11.06.1999 is one of the darknest days in Kosovo Roma history. At that day
>with the help of KFOR, fascism was established once again on the ground in
>Kosovo. The KFOR force was only silent witness of the orgy of the Albanian
>fascists on our lives and properties. Also the attitude of the civil
>administrator, Mr. Bernard Coushner helped committing the genocide on us,
>because he simply wants to establish peace and order in Kosovo without
>police, law, court and prison. Such his experiment resulted with
>dispersion from Kosovo of 120 000 Roma. Our roots on Kosovo soil are deep.
>Out tree is 6 centuries old, but now its roots are dying. Today Kosovo
>Roma are faced with exodus, as it has never been in the history of the
>Balkans. Some of the Roma went to SRY, some went toward west, some went to
>the south in Macedonian and only small part of them stayed in Kosovo,
>separated in camps and houses.
>In Macedonia are settled 10000 Roma 2844 of them are settled in the camp
>-550 families
>-10 Newborn children
>-209 children up to one year
>-495 children from 18-8- years
>-1444 Adults from 18-80 years
>-70 enceinte women
>-30 paralysed
>-40 invalids
>All the refugees claim that they are Roma. Not a single accusation is
>raised against any Roma by the international tribunal in Hag. For the
>suffering of Roma blame is on the commander of KFOR, Mr.Jakson and on the
>civil administrator, Mr. B. Couchner who with their attitude help the
>Albanian fascist to kill our mothers, women, to rape our sisters, to rabbi
>and burn our homes and to expel us in exile that turned in form of real
>genocide and holocaust.
>Comparing with the Albanians we are totally discriminated by UNCHR:
>-Visits by relatives are not allowed in the tents
>-The acceptance of new refugees is not allowed
>-Mass media are not allowed in the camp so the world can't see the real
>truth about us, especially the people in the democratics and civilized
>UNHCR think that we provided our exodus only to be accepted by some third
>country. They can't or they wont to see that we are in Kosovo about 600
>years and that we had good living standard as in every developed country.
>Surely we didn't wanted to lose of these and to provoke our tragedy, we
>have send our appeal to all western countries, we had three days strike
>with hunger all this to attract attention so some country accept us and
>give us what we have lost. Peace, freedom, job, dignity, future to our
>children and calm and serene living for our families.
>Until now no country has send us any reply to our appeal.
>Further more, many countries not allowed their citizens to see the truth
>about us by stooping the media to inform about us or to inform about the
>criminal did of their friends, the Albanian fascist.
>In all our tragedy we have support and help only from
>-the Jewish humanitarian organization
>-"La Benebolencija,
>-Evangelistic church,
>-Roma NVO from Macedonian
>and from alt Roma in Macedonia.
>                                                      Roma from Kosovo
>                                                           Stenkovac-2
>Ashmet Elezovski member of board the Roma National Congress
>            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Roma Community Center "DROM"Kumanovo
>Lokalitet Serava prizemje 7a
>91300 Kumanovo R.Macedonia
>Kumanovo 08.11.1999
>Last informations from Kosovo
>In the last few days visits by the foreighn missions in Kosovo became more
>Also big interest was shown for the visit of the american diplomat William
>Woker, the man who critised regim politics before the war in Kosovo and
>whose contribution in Racak  finding the remains of the victims in the
>village Racak was considerable.For the medias he said:Now the Albanians
>must stop their repression toward nonalbanian population in Kosovo or they
>faced the risk to lose the world suport. These were the risk to lose the
>world support. These were the world said by Mr. Wolker to the nonalbanian
>population in the theatar in Pristina.After their visit in Kosovo,
>indeoendent journalists and representatives of the foreign associations,
>as well as the gouvernment in belgrad, they all inform about indolent
>attitude of KFOR und UNMIK and especially about indolent attitude of Mr.
>Bernard Couchner.These remarks are made for not solving yet the way for
>protection for the Serbís and Roma population, because they are still
>victims of the ethnical cleansings.
>As for the situation of the Roma in Kosovo, after several visits from Roma
>representatives from OSCE:
>Mr. Nicolae Gergihie, Mr.Helge Valama from Finland and one of the truelly
>american fighters for telling the truth about Roma in Kosovo and on the
>Balkans, we can say thqat according the report from UNHCR, the Roma
>children take their participastion in education, but also according the
>UNCR the mayority of them are Askalis or Egyptians and only minor number
>of them are Rom.For such claims, the Roma from Kosovo, now dispersed,
>proteste and say that: All the Roms in Kosovo are Rom and they can be
>nothing but the Rom, because they were Roms for centuries.
>They say that in Orahovica 400 Rom children tahe their education in
>Albanian language.As first, there canít be such number of Rom children
>there. Secondly all the Rom in the Kosovo at the present are forced to say
>that thereis no pression at all toward them. Because of the current
>situation in Kosovo, they are simply forced to do it.
>Mr. Paul Polanski has visited all Rom setlemnets in Kosovo and his report
>is real and objective one.The situation the Roms are real disastrous.For
>the moment ,even the idia of the refugees returning in kosovo is
>impossible. Many of theRoms houses are burnt to the ground and robbed, At
>this moment, in kosovo reign nothing bat the criminal and the violence. On
>04.11.1999, Mr. Nicolae Gheorgie, the advisor for the Roma and Sinti ISSUE
>Roma in OSCE ODIHR Warsaw, had a meeting in Pristina with some Roma
>leaders from several towns and he was informed about the situation. The
>camp in Obilic will be closed after rebuilding of some houses in Prepelica
>for acceptance of Roma. For UNHCR it seems that the winter must begin so
>they finally start to rebuild the houses for the Roma from the camp in
>Obilic.Among the policmen of the first class of Kosovo police who should
>protect all the citizens of Kosovo, there is no single Roma.
>In Macedonia and Serbia, the Roma are setteled in camps, in trents. They
>obtained only a small amount of help. Many of the Roma nongouverment
>organisations as well as many other non Roma nongoverment organisations as
>well as many other non Roma organisation ask permission from UNCHR so they
>can give their humanitarian help directly to the Roma children and to the
>adults in clothings,but they are refused because, The refugees have
>everthing necessary".?!
>During his last visit in the camp Stenkovec Ė2, Mr. Nicolae Gheorgie
>noticed that: Many of the refugees don't have suitable cloths, it is cold
>in the trents and that all the refugees are considerably worried for their
>future. Until todey, UNHCR intent to settle the refugees in some summer
>places in Mcedonia because are empty during the winter. These places are
>in western Mcedonia where the majority of the population are Albanians.
>According the informations obtained on 04.11.1999 by the refugees in the
>camp, two Roma went to the nearest village to provide necessities. One
>Albanian provohed them driving his car directly toward them in high speed.
>After the Albanian stepped out of the car, they had quarrel and fight. The
>two Roma were taken in by the police and since Monday we expect the
>sentence. It is more than sure that the sentence will be only against the
>two Roma and that they be sentenced to gail. Simular in cidents occurred
>before this in large number near the camp Stenkovac 2, especially in
>Skopje, on "Bit Pazar". In the last few days nobody od the international
>institutions do not carre for the Roma. The refugees ask themselves Did
>Europe wnt to ignore the issue of Roma and in the same time to punishe
>them for Ö
>Ashmet Elezovski member of board the Roma National Congress
>            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Roma Community Center "DROM"Kumanovo
>Lokalitet Serava prizemje 7a
>91300 Kumanovo R.Macedonia
>Kumanovo 08.11.1999
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