Well my position on Chechnya hasnt changed since 1995, though this 
list did not exist then. While Russia is not an imperialist country, 
we cannot condone its invasion of a former republic which has 
expressed its desire to separate. As for dividing Boris and Bill, the 
division goes much deeper into the character of a restored workers 
state which is now a miserable, collapsed semi-colony of the 
IMF/WV/Washington. No revolutionary movement in Russia will be worth 
anything until it overcomes its great Russian chauvinism and the 
danger of the RedBrown reaction. Insisting that Russia pulls out of 
Chechnya is one way of breaking down that chauvinism and ensuring 
that something progressive comes out of this barbarism.

> G'day Chris'n'Dave,
> I'm with Chris on Chechnya (well, we were due an agreement, I reckon - and
> I don't see how threatening to withold funds that only ever find their way
> into aparatchik/mob/financier pockets is gonna hurt too many), but leaving
> the little matter of murder on a grand scale aside for a minute, there's
> some value to be had in anything that drives a wedge between Boris'n'Bill
> and/or exacerbates the distance between Boris and his plentiful opponents
> as early as possible (one can only surmise how another year or two of
> corruption, mass suffering and bereavement might lift the Russian far
> right's stocks - anyone know anything about this Barazov character?).  With
> great chunks of Eastern Europe evincing a left-turn, the time might be
> right to have a contest for the Kremlin about now.  Another embarrassment
> for Yeltsin might be just the ticket, I reckon.  His administration (never
> mind the old bastard hisself) has gotta be living on borrowed time, no?  A
> western-inspired Russian retreat saves lives now and might just give the
> Russian left the leg-up it needs in potentially auspicious times.
> Or am I speculating above and beyond the call of reason?
> Cheers,
> Rob.
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