Just for the record: I wonder how this got reprinted in NYT, as it
originally appeared two months or so ago as part of "An Open Letter to
Serbian Opposition" (also posted on J. Israel's emperor'snewclothes site). A
couple of friends (me incl) tried to contact Ms Doncheva - in vain (if
is interested in the full text - mail over the weekend).
The problem is, how to analyse the failure of 45 years of "socialism" and
the failure of 10 years of post-socialism, and what's to be done NEXT?
By the way, Charles, can you provide an URL or smth - is this the *whole*
publication, or just an extract/quote? I somehow can't trust this outburst
of eureka US-santimentality in the otherwise oh-so-cool NYT - especially
with Clinton's pending visit in Bg... Of course, could be just my paranoia
in a timeos-danaos-et-clinton-ferentes kinda key.
Best wishes,

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>The New York Times, November 11, 1999, Thursday, Late Edition - Final
>In Bulgaria, 10 Years of Misery
>By Blagovesta Doncheva; Blagovesta Doncheva is a translator.
>SOFIA, Bulgaria

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