G'day Jerry,

>In a startling plot twist, Doug H, it seems, -- has written an article
>for _LM_. 

Yeah, a timely warning to lefties to avoid making public clutzes of
themselves by screaming fire every time a percentage point comes off the Dow
(sage advice I keep ignoring to my cost, btw).  A good article called 'In
Love With Disaster', which accuses capitalism of producing poverty alongside
wealth, alienation for all, periodic destructions of productive capital,
and, of late, some lefties who content themselves with predicting imminent
systemic self-destruction without lending themselves the credibility of
first producing detailed and coherent explanations for our apparently
expansionary times hitherto, or explaining why hard times should indeed turn
society left when the evidence since the war has been that such social
shifts have attended the good times more often than the bad.

Now this might well be an outrageous load of bollocks, Jerry - all the more
likely for the fact that I find it utterly compelling - but it's all we have
to go with  while we await your own analysis and guidance.  Time to step
forth, Augustus-like to your Philippi, Jerry!  What do YOU reckon?

>Now it seems that Doug has been cast in the role of Julius Caesar. Doug
turns to his former friend and says:
>"Et tu Brutae?" 

Slipping a quick one into the ribs ere the Ides of November, eh?  


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