OK Doug,

I will take a shot at your latest sleeping pill that all is well and the left with its 
crisis mongering is wrong.

I say that the destruction of the Soviet Union and the deformed workers states can not 
be absorbed into post war capitalist economic politics. That this event more then 
anything else is taking us to the brink.One thing for the capitalist to load the past 
periodical crisis's on the poeble a whole other ballgame when it comes to establishing 
"free" markets in the east.

Basuically your arguement appears to be that according to all the data we have arrived 
at more or less a super imperialist stage of development. What is your take by the way 
on the so called global economy? I noticed that you mention America pulling billions 
out of their socks and naturally the dumping of large parts of the Keynes type state 
intervention in order to pull this off.

Actually what did these billions do? A lot of it went to create and shore up bourgeois 
regimes in the making but hardly will be helpful in the longrun to stop the clock from 
heading in the direction that people like Lenin and Trotstsky desdcribed as the death 
gnall of the capitalist/imperialist system.

Do you really think that capitalism/imperialism can solve the future of mankind? Or 
are we heading towards the cliff. I mean there ain't no way we can live in the never 
never land of plenty for all for ever.It took the dismantling of the welfare states 
and many of the reforms fought for to fianance the present operation and where we are 
now. But where are all the billions gonna come from to feed the enormous blackhole in 
the future. And there are plenty of nationalists and fascist demogues waiting in the 
wings to take over when the house of cards falls down.

Seems to me that you have become the Guru of the soft intellectual left who find it so 
comfortable in the present order of things. Well I got a hunch that the house of cards 
you are building is gonna get a rude awakening. But thge left that supports your ideas 
will unfortunately wind up screaming for their own bourgeoisie to save them I'm 

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki

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