Dear comrades,
Following is a fairly long email with the full (provisional) agenda for
the Marxism 2000 Asia Pacific Solidarity and Education Conference to be
held in Sydney January 5-9, 2000. 

This version includes a list of workshops, seminars and panels and who
will be giving them or on the panels, so hopefully it will give a much
more indepth idea of what is available at the conference (if you want to
go straight to this, it is about half way down the email). 

The Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance send a warm
invitation to all left activists to attend the conference. If you would be
interested in attending or would like further information, please contact

Hope to see you there,
Kim B
Marxism 2000
Asia Pacific Solidarity and Education Conference
Sydney January 5-9, 2000

Initiated by the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance

Marxism 2000: a gathering of left parties and socialist activists from
Australia, Asia and the Pacific, and around the world, to discuss the
prospects for socialism in the 21st century.

Five days of feature presentations, talks, workshops, classes, cultural
events and discussion.

International guest speakers:
John Pilger  Internationally acclaimed left journalist and film-maker
James Petras  Latin American specialist, Professor of Sociology, New
York University
Francisco Nemenzo Professor of Political Science, President of the
University of the Philippines

Leaders of left parties and socialist activists from:
India:  Dipankar Bhattacharya, Communist Party of India Marxist
Leninist, general secretary
Philippines:  Sonny Melencio, Socialist Party of Labour, chairperson;
Rasti Delizo, executive council, Reihana Mohideen, national committee.
Cris Gaerlan, Alab-Katipunan, secretary-general.
Indonesia: Five leaders of the Indonesian Committee for Socialism and
the revolutionary democratic movement
Pakistan:  Farooq Tariq, Labour Party Pakistan, general secretary; Amjad
Ayub, national committee
East Timor:  Avelino dos Santos, Socialist Party of Timor secretary
A central leader of Fretilin, and other Fretilin activists
Britain:  Phil Hearse, Socialist Democracy Group
United States:  Caroline Lund, Malik Miah, Barry Sheppard, Solidarity
Scotland:  Pam Currie, Scottish Socialist Party
France:  Stan Demidjuk, Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire
New Zealand:  Adam Novack, editor, International Viewpoint (Fourth
Matt McCarten, NZ Alliance director
Burma:  Maung Maung Than, All Burma Students' Democratic Organisation

As well as activists from: Aceh, PNG, Bougainville, West Papua, East
Timor, Malaysia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Hong
Kong. Plus speakers from the Democratic Socialist Party, Resistance,
Green Left Weekly, Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor,
Committees in Solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean, and
activists from political campaigns and union struggles around Australia.

The Marxism 2000 Asia Pacific Solidarity and Education Conference
consists of 15 plenary talks and panels, and 86 multiple choice talks,
classes or workshops. Unfortunately, with so many choices, it won't be
possible for you to attend all those you'll want to. The multiple choice
talks are arranged in 23 streams which group related talks, workshops
and classes. These streams don't clash, allowing conference participants
to attend all the sessions in a particular stream.

Seminar Series
Talks, classes, workshops
A. Internationals and Internationalism
B. The Indonesian revolution
C. East Timor's struggle for freedom
D. The history and perspectives of the Philippines left
E. New developments in the Latin American left
F. Issues facing the left in Asia
G. Struggles for democracy and independence in South East Asia
H. Classics of Marxism-Leninism
I. Creating capitalism  understanding bourgeois revolutions
J. Marxist philosophy
K. Marxist economics
L. Marxism and the national question
M. Crucial issues for Marxists
N. Introduction to the DSP & Resistance
O. Australian workers' history and struggle
P. Propaganda tools for revolutionaries
Q. The political legacy of the Bolsheviks
R. The historical contribution of Trotskyism
S. Towards a history of the US Socialist Workers Party
T. Building socialist parties in advanced capitalist countries
U. How Marxism analyses women's oppression
V. Can humanity survive the 21st century?
W. Panels and debates

We will record and publish many of the talks, so if you miss out on some
talks you wanted to get to, you will be able to read the presentation in
Green Left Weekly or Links magazine, or on our web pages:
Democratic Socialist Party:
Green Left Weekly:

Organising meetings for DSP and Resistance members active in particular
unions and areas of political work will be held on Friday afternoon.
Some classes and workshops are scheduled at the same time.
Further talks and workshops will be added to the agenda, but we will try
to ensure the talks listed in this agenda are presented on the days
(** Indicates the session will be a book launch)

The conference will be held at the Hawkesbury campus of the University
of Western Sydney, in a semi-rural setting an hour's drive from Sydney.
There is a range of accommodation, in single, double or dormitory rooms.
The conference is fully catered. Facilities include an Olympic size
swimming pool, tennis courts, professional child-care, a bar and coffee
shop, and a well stocked conference bookshop.

Wednesday January 5

10.30-12.00 Plenary talk and discussion
The Relevance of Marxism in the 21st Century.
Peter Boyle (DSP National Executive)

1.00-2.30 Plenary talk and discussion
Strategies for Marxist Trade Unionists
Caroline Lund, (Solidarity, USA); Ari, (Indonesian trade union leader)

2.30-4.15 Talks, classes, workshops
Building unions in Indonesia in the post Suharto period (B1) Ari and
Jazz (from the Indonesian Committee for Socialism)
Lessons from the history of the Philippine communist movement 1930-1999
(D1) Francisco Nemenzo
The English Civil War: capitalist revolution before capitalism? (I1)
Alison Dellit
An introduction to Marxist economics (K1) Rebecca Meckelburg
Introduction to the DSP & Resistance What we stand for, what we do (N1)
Tom Flanagan; Kylie Moon
The history of the Maritime Union of Australia (O1) Steve Best
US SWP History: The renewal after the 1950s (S1) Barry Sheppard
Biology as ideology and women's oppression (U1) Zanny Begg

4.15-6.00 Talks, classes, workshops
Cuba, a continuing beacon for Latin America (E1) Roberto Jorquera
Marxist Classics: The Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels ** (H1)
Margaret Allan
Fundamentals of Historical Materialism ** (J1) Philippa Stanford
Imperialism and the national question  Kosova, Kashmir and East Timor
(L1) Malik Miah
Immigration and refugees in late monopoly capitalism (M1) Iggy Kim
Agitprop workshop (P1) Dave Riley
Trotsky's analysis of Stalinism (R1) Stan Thompson
Britain: How to reconstruct and regroup the left (T1) Phil Hearse

7.00-8.30 Plenary talk and discussion
India: The revolutionary perspective to counter capitalist reaction
Dipankar Bhattacharya (CPI ML General Secretary)

Films and videos
Lenin Films Historical footage from the Soviet Union (preceded by a
reading of Mayakovsky's poem "Lenin")
Indonesian and East Timor videos by John Pilger and Jill Hickson
History of Resistance video
Resistance high-school anti-racism walkouts videos
Videos of September 11 Sydney East Timor Solidarity demonstration

Thursday January 6

8.30-10.00 Plenary talk and discussion
Imperialism's global offensive, and prospects for resistance
Doug Lorimer (DSP National Executive)

10.00-12.00 Talks, classes, workshops
Palestine: Will the Oslo accords lead to liberation? (F1) Adam Hanieh
Burma; The struggle for democracy (G1) Maung Maung Than
Socialism, Utopian and Scientific; Engels ** (H2) Trish Corcoran
Globalisation and the internationalisation of finance capital (K2)
Chow-Wei Cheng
US SWP History: The successes in the 1960s and '70s (S2) Barry Sheppard
Was Engels right on the family? The new evidence (U2) Pat Brewer
Revolutionary trade union collaboration in Asia (W1) Activists from the
Philippines, India, Pakistan and Indonesia

1.00-2.30 Plenary talk and discussion
What basis for international left collaboration and socialist renewal?
John Percy (DSP National Secretary)

2.30-4.15 Talks, classes, workshops
Colombia: The FARC's struggle against oligarchy and imperialism (E2)
Jorge Jorquera
Marxist Classics: Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism, Lenin **
(H3) Sarah Peart
France 1789: the classic bourgeois revolution? (I2) Sam Wainwright
An introduction to Marxist Philosophy (J2) Sarah Stephen
James P Cannon; Socialism on Trial ** (R2) Dave Holmes
Scotland: The rise of the Scottish Socialist Party (T2) Pam Currie
Environment, Capitalism and Socialism ** (V1) Marcel Cameron

4.15-6.00 Talks, classes, workshops
East Timor society and politics (C1) Jon Lamb
Marxist Classics: State and Revolution, Lenin ** (H4) Tony Iltis
World capitalism: ready for another long boom? (K3) Allen Myers
The national question and Yugoslavia ** (L2) Mike Karadjis
Integration of the unions into the capitalist state (M2) Malik Miah
Rebuilding unions from the ground up  the Workers First experience (O2)
Chris Spindler
Political implications of the Internet (P2) Greg Adamson

7.00-8.30 Plenary talk and discussion
Pakistan: Workers against the generals, mullahs and capitalist elite.
Farooq Tariq (LPP General Secretary)

Songs of Struggle
International song night

Friday January 7

8.30-10.00 Plenary talk and discussion
Indonesia's democratic revolution
Machmud, Armi and Gatot (from the Indonesian Committee for Socialism)

10.00-12.00 Talks, classes, workshops
Internationals & Internationalism: The experience of the Comintern (A1)
Dipankar Bhattacharya, Francisco Nemenzo
Indonesian perspectives  Questions and answers after the plenary (B2)
Machmud, Armi and Gatot
Brazil: Rio Grande's Marxist government (E3) Adam Novack
What is Dialectics? (J3) Neville Spencer
The national question in the Philippines (L3) Rasti Delizo
What's wrong with "permanent revolution" (R3) James Vassilopoulos
France: Experiences and lessons of the LCR-LO election success (T3) Stan

1.00-2.30 Plenary talk and discussion
Australian Politics  How we can fight back
Sue Bolton (DSP National Executive)

2.30-4.15. Talks, classes, workshops
Cambodian society today (F2) Helen Jarvis
Bougainville; (G2)
Marxism and War (M3) Graham Matthews
(Fractions for DSP and Resistance members)

4.15-6.00 Talks, classes, workshops
Defending the Russian Revolution (Q1) Angela Luvera
The nuclear cycle doomsday machine (V2) Jim Green
Where is China going? (W2) Panel of activists from Hong Kong, Taiwan,
(Fractions for DSP and Resistance members)

7.00-8.30 Plenary talk and discussion
The Left in Latin America
James Petras

Solidarity Rally for the Asia Pacific
Solidarity and internationalism: building Marxist parties in Asia and
the Pacific, and launching some concrete collaborations  joint tours
for trade union activists; joint tours of women activists; statement on
unity and collaboration; future joint educational efforts; publication
projects; Links magazine.

Saturday January 8

8.30-10.00 Plenary talk and discussion
Womens liberation and the fight for socialism
Lisa Macdonald (Editor Green Left Weekly)

10.00-12.00 Talks, classes, workshops
Internationals & Internationalism: The Fourth International (A2) Barry
Sheppard, Phil Hearse, Adam Novack
The rise of fascism in Europe and the tasks for Marxists (F3) Amjad Ayub

West Papua: Report from the independence struggle (G3) John Ondawame?
Marxist Classics: "Left-wing" Communism  an Infantile Disorder, Lenin
** (H5) Sue Bull
Imperialism's impact on the Asian economies (K4) Reihana Mohideen
The Red North: Queensland's history of struggle (O3) Jim McIlroy
Issues in Women's liberation Today (W3) Kamala Emmanuel, Jenny Long,
Bronwyn Jennings

1.00-2.30 Plenary panel and discussion
Imperialism in the 21st Century
James Petras, John Pilger, Francisco Nemenzo

2.30-4.15. Talks, classes, workshops
Human rights violations in Aceh (B3) M. Dahlan (Australia-Aceh
Alab-Katipunan: Perspectives for the Philippines Left (D2) Cris Gaerlan
Marxism vs postmodernism (J4) Jeremy Smith
The national question in Kashmir (L4) Farooq Tariq, Dipankar
Anarchism: A raincoat full of holes (M4) Nick Soudakof
Maximising our use of radio, TV, and video (P3) Jill Hickson, Arun
US SWP History: Degeneration into a sect (S3) Barry Sheppard

4.15-6.00 Talks, classes, workshops
Left debates over UN intervention in East Timor (C2) Norm Dixon
The left in Mexico (E4) Phil Hearse
Bangladesh: The rising workers' and peasants' struggle (F4)
The transition to capitalism. Is semi-feudalism possible? (I3) Jonathan
Writing for Green Left Weekly (P4) Natalie Zirngast,
Is Lenin still right on the party question? (Q2) Sean Healy
New Zealand: The recent experience and perspectives of the Alliance (T4)
Matt McCarten
Tactics & strategies for rebuilding an environmental movement (V3) Cam

7.00-8.30 Plenary talk and discussion
East Timor's fight for self-determination
Avelino dos Santos (PST secretary general)

9.00-11.00 Cabaret
Political skits and music

Sunday January 9

8.30-10.00 Plenary talk and discussion
The role of youth in the struggle for socialism
Wendy Robertson (Resistance National Coordinator)

10.00-12.00 Talks, classes, workshops
Internationals & Internationalism: The Committee for a Workers
International (A3) Farooq Tariq, Phil Hearse, Lisa Young
The need for left unity in the Philippines. The view of the SPP (D3)
Sonny Melencio
Malaysia (G4)
Introduction to the DSP & Resistance. How we organise, how to join (N2)
Paul Benedek ; Bea Brear
Hansonism and the roots of racism in Australia (O4) Kim Bullimore
The Russian experience and the socialism of the 21st century (Q3)
Renfrey Clarke
Does women's liberation require a revolution? (U3) Karen Fletcher

1.00-2.30 Plenary panel and discussion
Philippines Society and Revolution
Rasti Delizo, Francisco Nemenzo, Cris Gaerlan

2.30-4.15 Talks, classes, workshops
East Timor, What Next? PST and Fretilin discuss the way forward (C3)
Marxist Classics: The Transitional Program, Trotsky ** (H6) Nikki
The Tamil struggle in Sri Lanka (L5)
USA: What sort of party? Debates in the US left (T5) Caroline Lund,
Barry Sheppard, Malik Miah
The fraud of environment taxes ** (V4) Dick Nichols
Revolutionary youth collaboration in Asia (W4) Socialist youth activists
from Resistance, the Philippines, and Indonesia

4.15-6.00 Concluding plenary talk and discussion
Socialism in the 21st Century
Max Lane, (DSP National Executive) plus a panel of Asian Marxist leaders


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