Nice post except for this! 

>I don't reckon you do
> that with programmes and small revolutionary parties (not in the west,
> anyway).  You do that with strategy, not tactics.  Compromise, not purity. 
> Uniting on basic principles, not dismembering ourselves on arcana.  Analysis
> of the historical moment and measured publicity.  Not grand metanarratives
> and stirring calls to arms.  Gradualism.  Not breathless appeals to the
> decisive revolutionary moment.

Well we had two World Wars. The first "compromise" was the demise of the second 
international. The second was the demise of the third international. Um what kind of 
"strategical" compromise do you have in mind? The only thing I see viable will be a 
new regroupment along the lines of Zimmerwald..And the way the left has acted recently 
it will take another Zimmerwald to seperate the wheat from the straw.

Already the first shots have been fired in the next round and the left failed 
The other question related to this is the "left" and the question of the SU where many 
still consider it a degenerated workers state or some kind of third world country 
rather then and ex degenerated workers state which has undergone a capitalist counter 
revolution with clear imperialist wannabe intentions. Unfortunately this includes many 
who claim to be "Trotskyist".

So a big regroupment of the whole left certainly will be neccessary and will include 
quite a lot of people with quite different backgrounds. Naturally in this unity will 
be quite different opinions of what and where we are doing and going. But certain 
united front formations will certainly develop out of the coming events. Hopefully 
along the lines of the main enemy is at home! 

Interesting that you take up China because the rubicon lies in if the Chinese 
bureaucracy uses its "one China two systems" theory to actually reunite with the 
compradore Chinese bourgeouisie. If they do it will put into question Japanese 
imperialism as the powerhouse in Asia. And naturally a victorious capitalist counter 
revolution in China leaves a number of options for Japan. But one thing is sure it 
will increase inter imperialist rivalry to white heat!

Finally one thing that bothers me is that a nuclear confrontation between one or more 
imperialist powers might throw us back to the stone age..And the we will really have a 
tribal existence!


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