Bob Malecki mixing up the Australian DSP, publishers of Green Left
Weekly with DSA? Too much snow up there Bob?
Kim Bullimore i'm sure can elucidate DSP political line. In high school and
college I was active in NAM & DSA, if anyone has questions re:DSA positions
then. BTW James Petras would not I thinkview with favor DSA'ish positions.
In his youth he was in YSA, youth section of SWP. Have seen his pieces in
Against The Current and many other places over the years.Now at SUNY,
Binghampton with the Wallersteinians.
                                              Michael Pugliese
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> Actually I found it interesting to find Barry Sheppard's name on the list
of speakers. So he left the SWP for the Democratic Socialists of America?
> Last time I heard his name was when I was in the USec (IMT tendency) and
Sheppard was in the opposing tendency along with most of the SWP.
> Or maybe we are not talking about the same person..
> Bob
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> Subject: M-TH: Re: (updated) Detailed Agenda for Marxism (2000)
> > A step forward into the 21st century with a leap backwards into the
> > 1970's?  The agenda reminds me of "educational conferences" held in
> > Oberlin, Ohio in August in the 70's on years when there wasn't a
> > party convention.
> >
> > Even some of the names are the same (e.g. Caroline Lund, Malik Miah,
> > Sheppard). Barry Sheppard! (a name I had hoped and expected to never
> > again) - the former (SWP) party hack perhaps best known for expelling
> > own father.
> >
> > I know I won't be attending this conference - I've already been there. I
> > can even tell you how it will end.
> >
> > Jerry
> >
> >
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