You ask me to tell you -- in crystal-ball fashion -- how it will end.

Let me look into the crystal ball... 

I see something!

A huge room -- maybe even outside. A thousand people or more. Everyone is
standing, many with a piece of paper in their hands. 

The paper. It looks like the lyrics to a song!

All is hush but the room is filled with anticipation, as someone walks up
to the microphone on stage. 

The person on the stage begins to sing and within moments the entire crowd
joins in song, belting at the top of their lungs. Arms are raised with
fists in tribute as "The Internationale" is sung in many different

The room erupts in applause after the end of the song. Then, slowly, with
much hugging of comrades and a few tears, the conference participants get
into cars and buses and head towards home and/or the airport ... with
visions of revolution fresh in their heads.

Wait, the crystal darkens. I can see no more. 

All of this is well and good, and their is merit in having educational
conferences as you explain. But, please excuse me if I remember the role
of some of the participants, especially former members of the (US)
SWP. They can sing the "Internationale" all they want, but I can't see --
using my crystal ball again -- how they are going to lead a revolution in
the US. 

I must go back to sleep now. Crystal-ball gazing is tiring.


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