Hi comrades,

OK, Let's leave Louis P.  I don't know the fellow but I've read some of his 
contributions on Marxism.panix list and I both agree and disagree with some of his 

On the question of Russia:  Well, You've got a very fractured left in that huge 
country with some unions displaying a greater understanding of Marxist tactics and 
strategy than the self proclaimed Marxist-Leninist parties.  Certainly the biggest 
party, the communist party of Russia has to loose a lot of flakes including its leader 
who has no understanding of Marxism at all.  The working class has taken a big punch 
to the guts and it's still reeling from the experience but I am optimistic that 
they'll get their act together sooner or later and begin their marsh back to socialism.

But I do feel that the revolutionary center of the world - to use an old formulation - 
has shifted but still has not coalesced geographically and I suspect that is why the 
left world-wide has not taken advantage of the recent shake ups in capitalism around 
the world.  In fact, it seems we, the so-called experts on charting courses through 
the chaotic dynamics of capitalist economics and politics, have been bested by 
American and Canadian capitalists where the economies of these two countries are 
projected to perform very well for the next couple of years.  I don't know what the 
projections are for the European countries.

What next:  I think the idea of a united front formation is the way forward especially 
for the working class in advanced capitalist countries.  I think they need to 
experiment and fail many times before they hit on the correct road.  Necessary to this 
process is an organized Marxist-Leninist Party that will maintain its revolutionary 
outlook throughout this voyage and will always put forward both the immediate goals 
that the working class needs to achieve and the only true goal it needs to accomplish 
- Socialism.

Enough for now.  Next week the Ontario Federation of Labor meets for its annual 
convention.  Some of the points that will be discussed by organized labor in the most 
industrious province in Canada is labor's disaffiliation from the social democratic 
party -the New Democratic Party - and putting forward an independent Labor program.  I 
don't know if there's anybody on this list from Canada but I'll let you know what the 
organized section of the working class in Ontario has decided for the coming period.  
Don't hold your breath.



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