The bombing of Serbia by the Washington led military coalition earlier this year may 
been meant as a warning to Russia not to step too far out of line. Certainly 
bombing of Serbia is clear evidence that Washington is now prepared to  use such
aggression against a European power such as Serbia and may be prepared to use military 
power against Russia over Chechnya or some other matter/s.

It would seem that the bombing of Serbia was not merely executed to simply deal with
Belgrade. It would seem to have broader political and strategic implications --an
indication as to how far Washington is prepared to go to develop and maintain its kind 
world. The bombing of Serbia adds clout to the seriousness of Washington's diplomatic 
strategic programme. It is a way of telling the world to take Washington serious. In 
way the bombing was generally meant to underscore and strengthen American strategy and
corresponding diplomacy. It may have been that the subjugation of Belgrade was 
a subsidiary issue to the one of underscoring overall global American strategy 
perhaps, in intent to nuking of Hiroshoma.

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George Pennefather

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