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> Reuters 
> November 21, 1999 
> BUCHAREST, Romania -- Ten years after communism's fall, 4 in 5 
> are unhappy with the way they live, with 61 percent saying they were
> better off under the late dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, an opinion poll
> reports.
> "This is a very sad picture of Romanian society," political scientist
> Dorel Abraham told a news conference late last week while commenting 
> the findings of the survey released by the Open Society Foundation.
> The survey also showed a dramatic plunge in popularity ratings for
> President Emil Constantinescu and his centrists, who are now trailing
> far behind the leftists they ousted in polls three years ago.
> "The situation in the country is very tense, the mood is bad and
> pessimism is on the rise," Abraham said.
> Disaster, poverty, chaos, difficulties and disorder were the words
> chosen by most of the 2,019 Romanians polled in late October to best
> describe the country's situation, as Romania prepares to mark 10 years
> since Eastern Europe's most violent anti-communist revolution.
> Perhaps not surprisingly, Abraham said, Ceausescu was chosen by most, 
> 22 percent of those polled, as Romania's best, as well as its most 
> leader over the past 100 years.
> "This paradox also reflects the current economic and social 
> Abraham said.
> The poll also showed that 84 percent of Romanians lack confidence in 
> government after three years of a shrinking economy and widespread
> layoffs. More than 80 percent said they had lost confidence in
> parliament and political parties.
> Failure to meet promises of weeding out corruption, improving living
> standards and speeding up privatization also halved support for
> Constantinescu, now at a record low of 17 percent, down from 38 
> last year.
> Leftist rival Ion Iliescu, defeated by Constantinescu in 1996 polls
> after seven years in office, is now credited with 44 percent of
> credibility, up from 28 percent a year ago.
> With support for Constantinescu's centrists halved from June's 34
> percent, the survey showed that Iliescu's Party of Social Democracy 
> the biggest gainer from what Abraham called "three years of
> mismanagement and hesitation."


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