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>G'day Bob,
>Doug's probably fast asleep just now, so here's an interesting piece he
>posted on his list the other day.  I'd be interested in Thaxist views on
>this meself.
>[From the bear's den at <>]
>Frank Veneroso - Veneroso Associates - November 19, 1999
>The US Economy: The Stock Market
>Shades of the Souk al Manakh
>Is This the Moral Hazard Meltup? Probably Not.

I am glad you reposted this. In view of the volume of correspondence on
LBO-talk I think there is often a role for the issues to be discussed on a
specifically marxism list. And unlike Louis Proyect, you and Bill do not
censor the debate.

But at this stage just a question please. What is moral hazard, and is
there a marxist equivalent for it?

Chris Burford


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