Hinrich wrote...
> It's *because of* the hostile takeover of the GDR and it's *because of* the
> huge investments in buildings accompanied by high property speculation and
> speculation in dwellings and office buildings. Holzmann AG - second biggest
> German construction concern - went bust with 30.000 jobs. Another 40.000
> jobs at enterprises dependent on Holzmann AG are hardly to be saved.

Thanks H.

Sounds like Sweden ten years ago went *speculation* led to the banks almost collapsing 
and a huge bailout by the state. 
Whats "Rhenish Capitalism"? 
And is this buyout connected to the recent letter the AFL-CIO bureaucracy sent out 
about its pension fund involvement in this stuff?

And finally Germany certainly will still be a key to what ever happens in Europe. 


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