Thanks for the article, well it managed to work me up and I haven't 
finished it yet!!!

One point about your brief reply, which may just be me being over 
picky is where you say:

> What we need to do now is to formulate the vision that Meszaros describes in
> simple, attractive and concrete images, so that ordinary people can picture
> the alternative. The communist alternative is really very simple. If enough
> people see that soon enough, the "barbarism" side of the alternative will be
> rejected.

This again is just presenting the means of achieving communism not in 
the realm of action, not in the realm of the outcome of the 
contraditions manifest within capitalism, but as someadvertising 

"Don't buy their barbarism its really awful, just taste it and see. 
What you need madam is our new brighter, cleans whiter communism"

Without accusing you, this tendency to view class struggle as a 
problem of consciousness is in my view very dangerous and rather 
prevalent as it always is in time of left wing contemplation whic 
arises in period of limited widespead class struggle. My fear is that 
it sucks Marxism back into it Hegelian roots a\nd allows Hegel to 
stand Marx on his own head as Marx had done to him.


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