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Subject: It didn't start with the Sparts...and it won't end there either, if
these comrades keep it up...

>           Ay, carumba! All the Trotskyist parties in the world. I want
> of the drugs these folks are on, well on second thought..
> http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/4192/trotskyi.html
>         Reminds me of a quote in Daniel Bell's ,"Marxian Socialism in the
> U.S," about the Marlenites the Leninist League) and the Oehlerites
> (Revolutionary Workers League- labor leader Sid Lens was a member, a very
> young Noam Chomsky was familiar with them) Bell quotes Max Schactman,
> definitely anti-gynaicocratic and taking no formal position on exogamy or
> endogamy, it is based fundamentally on the primitive gens in so far as one
> must be a blood relation of the immediate family, or at least related to
> by marriage, in order to qualify for membership. This has the unfortunate
> effect of somewhat reducing the arena of recruitment, but it does
> against contamination." pg. 153, fn. 273. Well as Lenin said ,"Better
> but better."!
>      George Marlen a/k/a George Spiro authored tracts such as, "Earl
> Browder, Tool of Wall Street?"[well when you put it that way the answer is
> obvious] and  tomes like ,"Marxism and the U.S.S.R.." In later years I
> believe he became convinced that the left was anti-semitic. I'll see about
> getting him an honorary membership card in the "socialist" group for
> neo-cons, Social Democrats, U.S.A.-still in the Socialist International
> along with DSA. Ollie North had Michael Ledeen use his contacts in the
> SDUSA/NED/Freedom House neo-con fraternity and the Israeli Labor and
> Socialist parties to make the Iran-Contra affair come off.
>                                      Michael Pugliese

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