Rob writes!

> Hi again, Bob,
> >What did ya do turn on the tele or look in your cristalball to predict this?
> You want a crystal ball?  A few weeks down the track Grosny will be a hole
> in the ground, Moscow will have reluctantly agreed to Wasington's 'moral'
> pleas to withdraw their regulars, Bislan Gantamirov will be in charge of a
> puppet government in Chechnya, and Vladimir Putin will be Russia's new
> president - saying lots of proudly nationalistic, independent and butch
> things to keep Russia's rediscovered sense of potency alive, whilst doing
> exactly what Washington requires of him.  Everyone who effectively matters
> just now would be more than happy with that, doncha think?
> And, yeah, telly, a coupla papers, and years of disappointment in how
> things turn out constitute my crystal ball.  Sad, eh?
> Cheers,
> Rob.

Well Rob, your cristalball just doesn't make sense. Its a bit lopsided and disregards 
any kind of class analisis of what forces are in motion and the move behind all this 
stuff. My cristalball says that this war certainly must be seen in relationship of the 
various figueheads like "Putin" which you mention. But you fail to recognize that in 
order to pull this off he needs the support of broad masses and parties in Russia.  
Seems to me that the propaganda machine in Moscow are hardly talking about Putin 
becoming a lackey of American imperialism. But a wave of anti western, anti American 
propaganda are connected to all of this stuff.

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