Dear all,

I was wondering what others here thought of the issue of Ken 
Livingstone standing for Mayor of London. He has made it quite clear 
that he would want to work with the City of London Stock Market and 
although he has made some concessions to his old Left allies on the 
Underground (with which the Tories and Liberals would not great 
disagree) he is clearly far from rejecting capitalism, even in a 
gradualist Fabian sense. 

And yet many on the left (some who do not normally call for a vote 
for the reactionary Labour Party) will call for voters in London to 
vote Labour if Livingstone is their candidate. It is much like the 
usual suspects (SWP et al) calling for a vote for Labour (without 
illusions, of course!) just because Prescott (an old Trade
Unionist) is its deputy leader or merely because it has 20 old-Left 
winger' still clinging on.

As an anti-parliamentarian I am naturally against. As a Marxist  
oppose to reforminst Social(ist) Democratic Parties like Labour I am 
again dismade that the Left's response in greater and greater numbers 
is to continue to follow the coat-tails of such parties.

Will they ever manage to break from Labour ?


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