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What the history of the 20th century has shown us is the paramount
importance of politics, social will, in this.

Why, finally, should the political sphere dominate today when basic Marxism
contends that the economic sphere is primary?


So at the present stage in world economic development, what is necessary on
the material economic basis of the forces of production is a new system of
economic relations. This is the primacy of economics. But the economic
system won't be changed unless it's done consciously (otherwise we get a
spontaneous meltdown into barbarism), and the only conscious means
available to us are politics. This is the primacy of politics.


Charles: This primacy of politics for Marxists is not so hard to believe. Lenin had to 
argue against vulgar materalist, trade unionism plain and simple in _What is to Be 
Done ?_  The working class must not confine its attention to struggles at the point of 
production, but world politics, precinct politics, taking state power.


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