Doug writes..

> And it's so inspiring to hear of the revolutionary mobilization in 
> Umeň - the first stirrings of that old Death Agony, perhaps?
> Doug

Still as cynical as ever I see Doug. The last big radicalization in Sweden also 
started here in the north. This has its historical reasons being the red belt of this 

And Hugh--no you shouldn't be over crediting the militant group. In fact they have a 
presence up here but it is intersecting a rage that has been bubbling under the 
surface for quite a long time. Years of cuts and downsizing, mass unemployment which 
still is a real factor up here despite the bright picture painted by the government.

But in reality the politics of the militant group has been to tail a lot of this 
stuff. The blaming of "trotskyists" is just the standard red witchhunt stuff that the 
Social Democrats use when faced with opposition to their politics. Usually its the ex 
Stalinists that get this shit. But this time around the "left party" is in coalition 
with the Social Democrats in Umeň and served this shit on a platter and now are 
starting to backtrack and devide and rule under real pressure from the poeble.


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