Thanks Dave,

I haven't really been reading much of this thread I'm afraid but 
reading your reply here I counldn't help but agree with every word.

I thought I would just say (for the record!)


> Simon shows all the signs of evolutionary menshevik thinking.
> Because for him the LOV is universal to class society, he can't see 
> that the revolution in Russia was a qualitative change. Nor that the 
> deformed revolution that followed in China was also. He cannot see 
> that the reason that the imperialist powers campaigned for 70 years 
> to defeat the revolution was that it posed a genuine alternative to, 
> not just a slightly less efficient model of,  capitalism.  He 
> counter-poses to that actual history, where Lenin used the term 
> 'state capitalism' in a very different way to mean the survival of 
> the market in a workers state, a blueprint of 'real socialism'. This 
> is the quiescent, academic "world party of socialism" intellectuals 
> offering their blue print to the masses, covered by the patronising 
> bullshit about 'self-activity'.  
> Frankly, this is a petty bourgeois rendition of marxism. It has its 
> material roots in the non-historic but nonetheless reactionary role 
> of  petty bourgeois intellectuals who must attach  themselves as 
> parasites to one or other of the main classes to survive. Those who 
> attach themselves to the working class attempt to suck it dry. 
> Today the western pb intelligentsia is reviving classic menshevism 
> by exploiting the current period of historic defeats of workers 
> with the disintegration of the SU and other DWS's. Its theme is 
> that the revolution has not happened yet (October was premature, the 
> Bolsheviks were substitionist blah blah) and will not until 
> capitalism has exhausted its developmental potential for creating 
> privileged jobs for the petty bourgeois.  But the reality is that in 
> this whole century capitalism has been objectively ripe for 
> revolution, and it was the Bolsheviks, particularly Lenin and Trotsky 
> who developed marxism beyond  Eurocentric menshevism to take 
> advantage of that reality. 

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