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Subject: WTO - Sweeney - China
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 23:52:50 +0100
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With Europe in the bag after its involvement in the Yugoslavia attack, the 
front of advancing empire has switched to the West.

Tomorrow, in the U.S. city of Seattle on the shores of the Pacific and with 
China as the next intended victim, world capital, organized in the World 
Trade Organization, under the guidance of its U.S. majority stockholders, 
will begin its Summit to determine how best to advance its control over the 
nations of the world and their governments, all of whom may be subject to 
popular pressure.  Capital, which votes by dollars and not heads, wants to 
get rid of such possibility of restraint.

Alarm at this development has arisen among the world's peoples and many are 
expected at the city to protest.

Therefore a diversion has been prepared.

Led by President John Sweeney of the AFL-CIO, massed U.S. labor and its 
representatives are to point to China as the source of the worlds troubles 
and demand that, whatever the WTO does, China must be excluded from the   
family of nations.

-  And that it should so remain, unless and until it is put under control 
and meets standards presumably to be set by unions of the U.S. which, with 
5 percent of the world's population takes for itself a full fourth of the 
worlds energy supply.  The difficulty for China to meet this demand, since 
it has ten times U.S. population, may be considerable..

It is expected that this demand will be sufficient to prevent any uniting 
of the 3/4 of world labor outside the OECD and to sidetrack any demands 
that the WTO be abolished.

In this, the AFL-CIO is only carrying out its traditional role as defender 
of U.S. business.  It remains to be  seen what percentage and what sectors 
of U.S. labor willl follow President Sweeney's call.

John Manning
U.S. staff member, WFTU, Prague, Retired

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