>Russ's point is that everything flows/panta rhei, except very occasionally
>and under pretty strong constraints.

Not so much that, but I'll grant I've learnt one hell of a lot from this 
little exchange. What I was thinking of was that if capital is the social 
relationship between people mediated between the relationship between things 
could itever be fixed. I hadn't seen it in terms of the value relationship 
per so though- great thing about these lists is that a single mail can shed 
new light on shady ignorance.

>Buy gold (and a safe to keep it in, and a cutter to chop it up with, and a
>gun to defend it with)!

Sound fiscal advice for crisis perhaps, but if one looks at gold over the 
last 50 years it has performed miserably when compared to stocks and shares. 
Any comments on i-tulip.com though Hugh? And on the front page of the FT (a 
mere 20p for at the uni shop!) there's talk of a shift from .coms back to 
Blue Chips. Is this the Last Minute for the .coms?


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