Thought this might be of interest relating to the May Day 
anti-capitalist demonstrations in London.

Equally up here in Manchester an enormous number of horses and police 
vans were deployed all over the city centre to deal with around a 
matter of 100s of people. Also I notice on the national news this 
morning that they charged the manchester demonstrators with drugs 
offences - so perhaps they were mad anarchist spliff-wielding thugs 
attempting to bring down the state by getting the population of 
manchester high on the fumes!!!


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I was interested last nite to be turned off a bus at Elephant and
Castle and have to walk to Waterloo, where police had closed the
streets.. I don't know how large this cordon was, but we are talking
miles not yards from parliament sq.... for a demo of 3k? and this was
incidently after 10pm!

Apart from the impact on public transport, I wonder whether we are
seeing the state setting its agenda by talking up the significance of
something which managed to make all the front pages this morning...

and preparing for a new mayor whose response was completely predictable?

sorry to bore capital and class with such parochial matters :)
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