They are not supporting the LSA but their position though more bizaar 
is still similar in struggling to react to the situation.

*Morning Star* 29.3.2000.

- the CPB opposes mayors
- wanted Livingstone to stay in the Labour Party
- the CPB supports a vote for Ken Livingstone as Mayor
'Socialist and Trad Unionists in the Labour Party should not
fragment the left in the Party.' A vote for Ken would 'deal a bloody
nose to Blair' [big deal! - jw] 'A vote for the Communist and
progressive list will be a vote for the working class and democratic
policies against big business' 'A vote for Labour in the
constituencies will be a vote for the mass electorial party of the
organised Labour movement, which must be won back to progressive
policies' ['won back' - it never was progressive! - JW]

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