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>Dear comrades,
>I have been quietly reading the Left press in relation to the London
>Election and Ken Livingstone London's Mayoral candidate which is
>happening today.
>A large section of the Trotskyist Left and the Marxist Leninist CPGB
>are backing Ken Livingstone  and have gathered themselves together
>into the London Socialist Alliance and will stand for the Greater
>London Authority (where if they are lucky they may win just one

>John Walker

Proportional voting and tactical voting are becoming more important here. 
Although there are delays in the London counting, one result tonight shows 
massive tactical voting got the Conservative MP out in a Parliamentary 
by-election, with Labour voters switching to Liberal Democrat.

Ken's vote is partly a protest vote and most votes are votes against someone.

All this talk of entrism is a waste of time. Serious discussion of tactical 
voting is not. There is an advantage in having at least one radical left 
representative in the Greater London Assembly.

Chris Burford


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