>Love to, Bob, only I'll be alphabetising the spicerack for the foreseeable
>future ...

Burn the spicerack,Rob, make yourself comfortable on the fence, sip a 
tube and consider:

"Social ownership" can cover a multitude of sins, but the idea's right.

The thing is, if we're going to make a mass workers' revolution, then 
we're going to be doing it alongside people we disagree with a damn 
sight more than many of those we've been engaged in in-fighting with 
during the bad times.

The whole thing is to find the goals and the organizational forms 
(both mass democratic institutions like Soviets/Workers Councils and 
more focused party groups like the revolutionary Bolsheviks) that 
enable us to work together for the big shared objective of ending 
capitalist dictatorship while managing our disagreements to test 
proposals and sharpen our impact.

The next period is going to be all about overcoming the kind of 
counterproductive and sectarian attitudes to working-class movement 
displayed by many on the left for instance during the London Mayoral 
campaign. Our job will be made a lot easier by the growing 
involvement of whole sections of working-class comrades in 
revolutionary politics. If you can imagine the solidarity and 
non-sectarian work done during the dockers' mobilizations in 
Liverpool and Australia, for instance, with a new level of 
revolutionary political consciousness (including of course the need 
for party organization, even though this will express itself in the 
form of different parties in competition to start with) you'll get 
some idea of where we're heading if we play our cards right.



PS The telly showed an exhibit at the Swedish Army Museum yesterday. 
Called the wooden horse, it's a sharp-edged plank on legs that a 
miscreant was forced to straddle, so it cut up between his legs. The 
worse the "crime" the heavier the weights tied to his legs. That's 
not the way I envisage Rob sitting on his fence, but if he isn't 
careful, it might turn into this kind of thing without him noticing 
in time!! Nasty...

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