Lo All,
>>The state caps have been throwing around a lot of "Stalinists" stuff lately, but I must admit that the letter by the ISO is really interesting. The only thing appearing to be lacking in the letter is the call by members to turn in anyone who is a suspect.. In fact it appears that they treat their memberrship as a herd of cattle rather then and organization of professional communists capable of thinking for themselves.
Not all adhereants of the State Capitalist thesis are cliffites tha knowest!
>>Gonna be real interesting to watch and organization built on capituation to cold war anti communism with its line of state capitalism trying to find a new line as inter imperialist rivalry grows.
I think they are much more affected by the end of their capacity to acts as paracites on teh Labour party, which haas availed itself of the post-col-war era to shift itself to the right, etc.
>>Well that something else which for years previously was and adaption to their *own* bourgeoisie against the deformed and degenerated workewrs states is now becoming a conflict for them of which way to go.
Such adaption, I should think, was more a reflection of their shift-in-the-winds reformism, rather than any reflection of the State Cpaitalist thesis, which does not necessitate taking sides in imperialist rivalries - and, incidently, by teh state cap. thesis, any bugger siding with the USSR was just siding with another bourgeoisie, anyhow, so I think someone round here has a severe case of pots and kettles...
>>Cliffism and the state capitalist theory is dead along with its Social Democratic counter parts. In fact the destruction of the SU which was the starting point of the state capitalist break with revoluitionary marxism in the last world war will now at best be national organizations becoming the leftwing social patriots of their *own* countries and the real fight probably won't even be between let's say the American ISO and the British SWP. It will be with there German/Japanese sections most likely..
Now, this I resent - there is nothing implcit in the state capitalist thesis which necessitates supporting one bourgeoisie over another.  Try being concise in your venoem, it makes for more entertainment my dear.
Yours for Socialism,
Bill Martin (SPGB).

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