I have come to the view that the working class is not inherently revolutionary. The working class, or sections of it, becomes revolutionary as a result of the influence of a communist intelligentsia on it. The working never becomes spontaneously revolutionary. Even in the case of Russia it was the influence and leadership provided by  the Bolshevik and other radical circles of intelligentsia that led to much of the political development within the working class. If the working class was spontaneonously revolutionary because of its objective character social revolution would have occurred some time ago. The number of times the working class have challenged the system are few when set against the longevity of capitalism. This is because its communist development is a function of the existence and character of the radical intelligentsia prevailing during any given period.
Consequently it would seem that Lenin's vanguardist elitism was a necessary tool. However this is not to say that a Bolshevik party seizes power in the interests of the working class arbitrarily. In general a party such as the Bolsheviks can only seize power under a restricted set of circumstances. This entails a conjuncture in which the working class are in a high state of rebellious ferment. The communist vanguard party must exploit this in the interests of the working class.
The political action of the working class cannot be separated out from the influence of the intelligentsia on it. The character of the inseparable combination of its own substantial conduct and the character of the influence of the intelligentsia on it.
Warm regards
George Pennefather
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