Title: Re: M-TH: Lenin and the working class
Hugh Rodwell: If any social force can be compared to a rapist today it's the imperialist bourgeoisie. The violence of the working class should be aimed at dispossessing this bourgeoisie, ie at stopping its depradations. This is pure self-defence and what the feminist movement (or the more militant wings of it) have been advocating for women for a long time. The role of the working class is that of women in general compared to militant feminists in this particular comparison. And who would argue against the mass of women being empowered to defend themselves against the gender enemy?
George Pennefather: "...should be aimed at dispossessing this bourgeoisie,..." But if, as you claim, the working class is inherently revolutionary then there is no place for "should be". This presciptive ethics is superfluous. But its very use by you is tacit acknowledgement that the working class is not inherently revolutionary. If it were inherently revolutionary then then professional revolutionaries would be out of a job.
The issue of the political character of the working class and the character of its relationship to the working class is of central importance. Consequently the current debate of the issue can be of value in the efffort to clarify the issue.
Warm regards
George Pennefather
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