As Russia agrees to provide weaponry to Yemen it is clear that what essentially 
Russia's attempts to increase its sales of arms abroad. Russia's main motive for such
sales is commercial. It simply wants to boost its exports to win badly needed foreign
reserves while stimulating heavy industry. Foreign policy concerns are merely second to
the commercial motive although in particular individual cases it may be primary. We 
not forgot that relatively weak Russia is not the Soviet Union in its hey day. Much of 
time Russia uses bluff in its foreign policy since it lacks the clout of the Soviet.
However this cannot fool Washington.

Strategically the most that Russia, especially in place further from its frontiers, can
achieve is the pursuance of its foreign policy in terms of upgrading its nuisance 
value to
Washington's strategic interests.Russia's foreign policy is basically domestic policy 

Russian foreign policy only begins to come into its own at its frontiers --and even 
this is questionable. On the world scale Russia no longer really counts as a 

Warm regards
George Pennefather

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