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>This is consistent with 100 years of imperial assumptions by Russia towards

>Afghanistan. It is no accident that Putin had himself inaugurated in the 
>throne room of the Czars.

Well spotted, mate!  And, yeah, fits nicely ...

>Can you explain this reference?

Trotsky warned in the September 1933 Harper's Magazine that Hitler was gonna
do precisely what he went on to do, and that he'd only be able so to do if
the UK and the US tacitly lent support.  Which, on the grouinds that any
buffer betwixt 'civilisation' and the red menace was a good buffer (I reckon
Churchill read it).  The article was reprinted in the July 1999 issue of HM
so that's how I came across it.  Makes for positively gob-smacking reading,
I assure you.  Ol' Leon was an analyst the likes of which we're sadly
missing these days.

>>  - and as Caspian oil projections might recommend).

Well, I dare say viably accessible oil is at ever more a premium.  If the
Caspian fields are as chocabloc as we're led to believe, the hegemons would
like someone in charge of the region with whom they feel they can reliably
work.  Fascists and their like are traditionally reliable, especially when
their economy needs fast growth and bags of foreign investment.  Not
Zhironovsky, perhaps, but (and I really am guessing outrageously) he seems
to be a usefully impotent phobic other, against whose spectre a more subtle
demoniac saviour can favourably be juxtaposed enroute to the Kremlin.

Not much of an explanation, I'll grant.  Guess I was just getting a bit
bored with the Lenin reprise ...


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