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>SACP salutes South African workers
>Workers in South Africa staged a general strike May 10 under the 
>leadership of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). 
>Following is a statement issued by the South African Communist Party 
>(SACP) on the strike.
>* * * *
>All reports indicate massive and enthusiastic support for the general 
>strike against job losses and for job creation. The SACP salutes the South 
>African working class, under the revolutionary leadership of COSATU, for 
>today's actions.

I would be surprised if a trade union organisation could give revolutionary 
leadership.  But this does look a very pointed stance by the SACP against 
the ANC government.

They say the strike is in essence against capitalism, but there are no 
points made here about the IMF and the domination of global finance capital.

Mbeki will say very reasonably, that there is no alternative to the 
governments policies, while the South African economy is dependent on the 
credibility of the Rand in the eyes of the handlers of finance capital.

Can the SACP square this circle?

Chris Burford


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