Sounds OK so far if the points being negotiated turn out all right.

Two very good points made are  a) the progress involved in distancing 
ourselves from commerce and the academic world and  b) the benefits 
of possibly getting backup servers set up so we're not completely 
dependent on one server functioning.

I would like to see Hans very much tied in to the new setup as a 
proven factor of reliability and backup if anything should go wrong.

In general I think the present period is one in which the biggest 
challenge is for us to get working together for big goals and to 
learn to accept differences that would previously inevitably have led 
to splits. The process will take place on a lot of fronts at the same 
time, often invisibly. Suddenly, perhaps after a seeming lull, an 
action will occur that reveals a new level of cooperation and 
direction. This development of our lists could well be a molecular 
step leading in that direction. It won't replace our conscious party 
work, but it'll help the tide come in.

Have the MEA got the means to join us as a backup option?




>G'day Hans/comrades,
>I, for one, am happy to go with what you think is best.  You're the one
>putting in all the effort, you're the main reason we're here together, and
>you know the people concerned best.  And I dare say all here would agree
>with me that both your intentions and decisions have hitherto proven
>themselves to be beyond criticism.
>I hope the new lot won't take exception to the existence of one or two
>moderators who might not themselves be wed to Leninism on one or two of the
>lists. It doesn't affect the constitution or conversation of those lists,
>after all.
>I shall pass on your post to Thaxis forthwith.
>Thanks again, Hans, for everything.  And have a wonderful holiday, mate!

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