Chis a controversy from the old "Maoist wars" at Jefferson Village has leaped up. 
Could you comment on my memory here and if it is correct?

Thanks Bob Malecki


Oh yeah! Well your "pal"  (Detcom)was going around and fingering Peruvian militants in 
the US and bragging about it. Foremost Aldolfo and your pal were going after the Red 
Flag group and Luis Quispe who also lay claim to Maoist ideology howebver not the 
particular brand of Aldolfo. This by the way was called the "maoist" wars over on 
Jefferson Village And your pal's roll in this stuff can allso be proved as there are 
people still around including Quispe and the Red Flag people who remember quite well 
all of this stuff. Because they had to take up campaigns for some of these jailed 
Peruvian militants awaiting deportation.

> This is a vicious lie.  Detcom has a hard enough time getting out of his
> house (being physically disabled with Cystic Fibrosis), much less doing what
> you accuse him of!

Well if it is a viscious lie then why did the guy go around bragging they he was going 
to demos and taking pictures for Aldolfo in order to get the goods on the Red Flag 
people? Although Detcom was being accused of being a nutter and drunk by the Detroit 
"milkmaid" who was another quite intelligent maoist who was involved in all of this. 
But the real point is that Mao/Stalinism in all of its variants especially rely it 
appears on goon tactics and accusing all and sundry of being agents of something or 
other. In fact another character who was involved in all of this was Rolf here in 
Sweden who first was in a block with Aldolfo/Detcom and then wound up deadly enemies 
trying to set each other up for the cops. Over and above this Rolf was claiming that I 
was agent of Social imperialism (meaning Russia) and was working with the Swqedish 
secret police to get me as and enemy of the Swedish people! This got him dumped from 
the lists at Jefferson Village.

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