As you read this article the members of the Swedish Workers Power Group
as well as other left groups in Sweden, are now debating with the Nazi´s 
On the swedish "communism" list at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

In fact the moderaters of this list have openly invited this scum to 
take part in a debate because it appears that some of the "left" youth 
organizations like "Red Youth" have blocked with the Nazi´s in and 
attempt to drive a list/chat/irc network in a certain direction.

The so called Communist Nazi group which can be found at the homepage
at has on its program a number of interesting points 
beyond the fact that there leaders claim to be "National Socialists" of
the kind found before Hitler.

They oppose abortion.

Oppose drugs much like the New York City cops.

And talk about class and fatherland!

In there own words they say..

"And authoritarian socialist takes always a position against criminality,
bourgeois decadence, multi-culture marriage, and other stuff that does not 
fit a proud worker."


"And authorritarian socialist gets engaged in local politics and fights
for a segregated living standard, local criminality, vandalism, trotskyism,
drugs and see that our working brothers and sisters can live safely in the area.
This includes naturally protecting the youth from robbers, drugpushers, pedophiles,
and others foremost in big cities who can move in from other multi-cultural areas."


And Workers Power and other "left" groups want to debate this scum!

This is just one of the many groups of New Nazi´s groups now flourishing in
Sweden after ten years of downsizing, cross burning and cold blooded 
murder of immigrants. In fact the enormous growth of Nazi ideologi, white 
power music, Nazi symbols etc amongst youth has had a dramatic rise
which in size can almost be compared to the youth radicalization of the 
sixties. Unfortunately in the wrong direction.

Here in my commune for example in only one school we recently had over 25
youth who are interested in this stuff and spend their time watching
Nazi propaganda films, hearing white power music, and carving Nazi symbols 
into there arms with razor blades.

And not in the least poor working class youth who have suffered most from
ten years of Social Democratic dismantling of the welfare state are being 
attracted to this scum.

It also led to a massive mobilization and largest demonstration against 
this scum that this town has seen in over ten years and made the front pages 
of all the newspapers, news and local TV stations.

Meanwhile the "left" including Workers Power now invite them in to this
swedish "communist" list for debate and are debating them claiming that
this debate is going to be very long.

In fact they are part of the so called Swedish "communist" ring on the net
and are connected to the ring of many "left" organizations
and people. It also is a well know fact that the Nazi´s collect names of
leftists who oppose them to add to there list for elimination. It also 
leads to telephone calls and death threats.

Well, I hope that the entire international left joins me in making sure
that the Workers Power group and other "left" organizations who think
one can debate with Nazi´s are wrong.

I call on all of you whether you can read Swedish or not to subscribe
to the "communism egroups list at egroups com and stop this shit.

Just go to "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" stop the Nazi´s. You can also
condemn Workers Power and other left groups who think that discussing with 
Nazi scum is a viable tactic. The same scum who engage in terror and murder 
against immigrants. 

No platform for Nazi scum.

By the way the greens here in Sweden officially at there party congress
yesterday past a motion saying that the Nazi´s must be met with "open debate" and 
not repression and forbidding them. That "peace,love and understanding
will win in the end.

Well the Nazi´s concentration camps in Aushwitch is there real program and
never will we allow this scum to raise its head again.

Warm regards
Bob Malecki

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