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>It is clear as to how the Zimbabwe economy is in such a shabby condition.
>Despite a mineral rich country it suffers tremendous economic problems. The
>fact that these mineral resources are largely owned by imperialist companies
>helps explain why the country is so relatively backward.
>Comradely regards

The high turnout suggests the opposition claims are true that many people 
are disaffected by the economy, and feel intimidated from expressing their 
opposition to Zanu publically.

However from England I think the main thing is to separate ourselves from 
the publicity designed to ridicule or demonise the quite reasonable demand 
of Zanu for a redistribution of the land of the white colonial farmers, who 
are producing a poisonous cash crop for export dollars.

The blame for the state of the Zimbabwean economy should lie on the global 
financial system rather than on Mugabe.

I am doubtful that a win for the MDC will really see progressive change.

Chris Burford


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