A savage civil war is being waged in the islands of Malaku in Indonesia.
Yet, in contrast to the  publicity the recent atrocities in East Timor
received, the war has been receiving little attention by the West. The West,
especially Washington, continuously gives publicity to the unclean nature of
the Presidential election campaign  in Mexico and demonises Zimbabwe's
President Mugabe. Yet more people are being dislocated, brutalised and
savagely murdered in the Malaku islands of Indonesia with the connivance of
the Indonesian armed forces. Yet it is not the focus of attention for
Washington and its subalterns in the mass media. The number of people killed
as a result of the so called land invasion pales into insignificance against
the butchery that the Indonesian state has been responsible for in the
Malaku islands
 --formerly known as the Spice Islands.

This contrast gives the lie to  the concerns of Washington regarding its
image as crusader of the preservation and advancement of democracy in the
world today. Politically it does not suit Washington's imperialist interests
to advertise atrocities committed in Indonesia  involving the Indonesian
armed forces.

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