Mexico has been receiving a lot of news recently concerning the forthcoming
elections especially in relation to question as to how clean the elections
are to be.

It is clear that American imperialism and its subalterns are using this
question of clean elections as an ideological and political tool with which
to smash the PRI. It is in Washington's interests to see the competing right
wing party attain power. Such a party will eat into the living standards of
the masses at all levels in order to further develop neo-liberal globalism
in Mexico. Its neo-liberal global policies would tie inwith Mexico'
memebership of NAFTA. There is a lot at stake for American imperialism in
these elections. American seeks to maintain and even enhance its present
profitability at the expense of the Mexican masses. The rival to the PRI is
the party best placed to do it. The right wing National Action Party is
American imperialism's subaltern.

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