Ken Livingstone is already supping with capitalism with not too long a spoon.

Due to be formally invested on Monday as London Mayor of London, Ken 
Livingstone  told GMTV's The Sunday Programme that he was in discussion 
with major international firms who have investment programmes planned in 
the UK. "They are all working on one assumption, that is we will be in the 
Euro by 2003," he said. "If we are not...they will be rethinking their 
investment plans, I have no doubt about that. Any sign that we were pulling 
back from that assumption we are on our way in would be devastating for 
jobs in London."

"We have got to play on a world stage. One third of firms in Britain now 
link in to International Corporations. You can't opt out of the world. You 
can't stop the world because we want to get off and go back to the 1950s."

His argument, and that of John Monks, head of the British Trades Union 
Congress, is to support industry, including industrial capitalism, against 
finance capitalism. And not just national industrial capital.

Nissan warned earlier this week that jobs could be under threat unless 
Britain joins the single currency.

Mr Monks said that there were "quite a lot of Nissans. Toyota have been 
saying the same sort of thing and we know it was a factor behind the BMW 
decision in relation to Longbridge.

Is this a compromise too far?

ust because Lenin said it, does not make it right, but he did say "From 
their daily experience the masses know perfectly well the value of 
geographical and economic ties and the advantage of a big market and a big 

That of course does not mean that people with socialist credentials should 
become the cheer leaders of industrial capital. But do not the arguments of 
Livingstone and Monks stand on their own merits?

Chris Burford


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