G'day Thaxists,

So the ill-disguised mutual distrust between the continental Euros and the
US has taken another significant turn ...  Echelon has been doing just what
you'd expect of a cold-war system in a post-cold-war setting: industrial
spying.  And now the US is going the route usually taken by those caught
red-handed: 'He started it!'  Globalism looks ever less the smooth
transition to functional global integration, eh?  And, sadly, ever more like
a huge shit-fight in the making (which, I suppose, is sorta what Lenin was
getting at).  And, as it complicates the theory of globalisation, it rather
simplifies the theory of the state, the autonomy (or impotence) of which
seems ever less convincing ...

And Britain must seem very much the Trojan Horse within the Euro walls, no? 
So what's the prediction, Thaxists?  Is the ultimate wedge going to rest
between Washington and London?  Or will it be the old one; straight down the
English Channel?


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