It is clear that since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the
Cold War the middle east is currently of no strategic interest to Washington
and its imperialist subalterns. Consequently Washington is seeking to get
Middle East as a security problem out of the way by cobbling up a deal
between Israel and the Palestinian leadership. This is especially true given
that the Palestinian masses have suffered defeat after defeat with the
connivance of its leadership. Indeed the Arab masses, as a whole, have
suffered a string of defeat. Consequently the Arab masses, and the
Palestinian masses in particular, in their weakened condition are less able
to resist any settlement of betrayal foisted on them by Washington, its
imperialist subalterns, and its own leadership.

The Palestinian masses have been effectively defeated and its reactionary
leadership is  prepared to
surrender essentially all their stated principles and agree to accept a bit
of land here and there to create some kind of false appearance that all was
not in vain. In that the Palestinian leadership hopes to assist in the
definitive defeat of the Palestinian masses by splitting and pacifying the
Palestinian people.

It is clear too that the only strategic significance that the Middle East
has for Washington is its existence as an energy source. By establishing a
form of stability in the Middle East in the form of an agreed settlement
between all sides, Washington hopes to succeed in establishing enough
stability there to guarantee the security of these sources.

The Palestinian issue is no longer an issue that is being seriously
exploited by  the Arab states as a focus for Arab unity. Egypt, a key
player, has long abandoned such a strategy. Iraq, for this and other
reasons, has been forced out of the frame by  Washington. However it is more
than likely that after the Middle East settlement has been imposed --and
there is going to be a settlement-- Washington will permit Iraq to establish
normal relations with the rest of the world. Jordan is totally venal and is
American imperialism's satrap. Saudia Arabia largely plays a largely similar
role. The Arab world is divided as it has never  been before. Libya has been
effectively ostracised by Washington and its imperialist allies as a means
of rendering it strategically ineffective concerning middle east affairs.
Even there the first signs of a potential reconciliation with Washington is
on the horizon. The Iraqi regime with a history of butchery and repression
of the Palestinians is at most concerned about its own immediate survival.
Its greatest ambition goes no further than the integration of Lebanon into
Syria. It is has no serious concerns over the establishment of a Palestinian
state save in so far as it impacts on its own domestic security and

These constitute among the best conditions, in the aftermath of the collapse
of the Soviet Union, for guaranteeing the necessary security of the Middle
East as an energy source for capital accumulation of imperialism.

As has been said before by others the locations of strategic significance
geopolitically have been changing. The Caucasus region is now of decisive
strategic significance. It is a energy rich zone and forms, in many ways,
the new frontier between Russia and western imperialism. It would seem that
it is going to be the new Middle East.

In short the Middle East is now of no longer of any geopolitical strategic
significance in terms of the international security of imperialism. It may,
however, be of regional strategic interest to the local players there.

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