Marxism-thaxis just moved.  The new address of the list is


The old address will still work for a while, but eventually
it will start bouncing.  Therefore it is best to make any
necessary changes to your address books or alias files right

Everybody should have received a welcoming message which
explains the features of the more modern software which we
are using here, GNU/Mailman.  But more importantly, we are
building a world wide network of cooperating list servers.
If one of the servers becomes inoperative for any reason,
its lists can be taken over by a different server without
delay.  Right now, is the only server
operational, but in 3 months, the Marxists Internet Archive
will have their own server on line and be another pillar in
this network, and after returning from my trip, I will also
have a backup server here at the University of Utah.  We are
still actively seeking other servers for our network,
especially outside the US.  Anyone who is willing to help us
with this, and to install Linux on his computer, please
contact us; send your email to


Even if you only have a dial-up telephone connection, it is
possible to participate in this network as a satellite and
to run your own lists from your computer, with the archives
available on our main servers.  Programmers who want to help
us implement specialized features should also contact us.
One of our goals is to organize the translation of important
list contributions from one language to another.

I am sad to see you all move out of my computer.  The
churning of its disk drive has become a familiar and
pleasant sound to me; I knew that someone had sent a message
to one of the lists and I felt good to be part of that
struggle.  I hope that the work which we put into this new
setup will prove fruitful, and that a number of high quality
lists in several languages will want to join us.


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