I tend to think comrade George is trying to re-invent the wheel.

I mean, for all his bluster about the "Trotskyists", his concept of the
Communist Programme is not too different from the Comintern's conception of
concrete demands (adopted at the Third World Congress, 1921), which was the
basis for Trotsky's concept of the system of transitional demands (outlined
in 1934, solidified in 1938).

When comrade George says, "social revolution is only implicit in the strike
and must be made explicit", he is talking precisely about building that
transitional "bridge" that he derides in every other part of his posting.

As a Bolshevik-Leninist, I have no principled disagreement with what comrade
George is saying here.  He's simply using different terminology.

Comrade, you may have a problem with today's so-called "Trotskyists", but
the fact is that your "Communist Programme" and Trotsky's program of
transitional demands is not that far apart.

James Paris, MWG-IWC
Workers of the World, Unite!

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