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On Breaking the Silence tonight:

          An update on the continuing crisis in capitalist Russia, where
          the situation appears to be going from bad to worse, with the
          shaky economy becoming even shakier. ...

Plus ...


          A special economic report, focusing on developments in global
          petroleum industry and how these developments impact the
          global capitalist economy ...

This special focus ... tonight, Monday, July 31st, 2000 ... here on
Breaking the Silence, KOOP Radio's locally produced weekly radio
news magazine.

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Good evening, and welcome to this special edition of Breaking the
Silence, produced by Straight Facts Radio, for Monday, July 31st,

I'm Mark Wright.


And I'm Carol Hayman.


Our first feature tonight:  a brief update on the continuing crisis in
capitalist Russia, now nearly 10 years after a counterrevolution
overthrew the Soviet Union and its socialized system.

As Straight Facts Radio broadcasts have reported, the result has been
anything but the happiness, peace, democracy, and prosperity
portrayed in the capitalist mainstream media.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the truth behind the
smokescreen of hype about "freedom" and "privatization".

The result in Russia, and the rest of the former Soviet Union, has been
economic disaster and mass misery.


The standard of living has plummeted.

Healthcare, and the standard of health have plummeted.

Diseases have spread.

The average life expectancy has plunged.

Poverty has exploded.

According to Russia's State Statistics Committee, the average monthly
wage as of June was 2,290 rubles, or a paltry $82. 
\Associated Press/NYT July 31, 2000\

And, even with wages a pittance,  millions of Russian working people
haven't been paid in many months.

Many in the new army of poor are forced to sell the personal
possessions to survive, and to scrummage in garbage dumps for food.


And, according to the latest reports, the situation could be going from
bad to worse, with the shaky economy becoming even shakier.

Russia's food production has plummeted since the re-introduction of

An Associated Press dispatch today reports that the country's harvest
(quote) "has been dismal for the past two years and prompted food aid
from the West."
\Associated Press/NYT July 31, 2000\


The imperialist think-tank Stratfor, which may have connections to the
Central Intelligence Agency, reports that Russia's economic
competitiveness has decreased by 30 percent since the beginning of
the year.
\Stratfor.com Global Intelligence Update - 18 July 2000\

Rising inflation is a big factor in the economic drop.

According to Stratfor, analysts are estimating that Russia's year-end
inflation could be as high as 35 percent, almost double original
forecasts on which the current budget was based.

Political instability is also increasing, despite the efforts of the new
strongman president, Vladimir Putin  <vla-DEE-meer + POOT-yeen>,
to consolidate power and intensify repression - particularly as he steps
up Russia's bloody war of domination in Chechnya.

(quote) "The result will be a stagnant economy beset by inflation"
predicts Stratfor.
\Stratfor.com Global Intelligence Update - 18 July 2000\


Putin's <POOT-yeen's> so-called economic "reforms" are faltering,
says the report - and that's helping to spike the inflation rate.

In the first six months of this year, inflation has jumped well over 9
percent, notes Stratfor.
\Stratfor.com Global Intelligence Update - 18 July 2000\

That means it's tripled in the past two months alone. 

(quote) "This inflation burst is directly linked to many of the reform
policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail
Kasyanov <MEE-ka-yeel + kaz-YA-noff>, says the think tank..
\Stratfor.com Global Intelligence Update - 18 July 2000\


As the economy continues to destabilize and deteriorate, foreign
investors run in the other direction.

(quote) "Foreigners won't invest in a corrupted economy, and painful
reforms will only hurt the public if that investment fails to materialize"
says Stratfor.

But Stratfor only parrots the imperialist line that big-power imperialist
penetration of the country's economy - and the super-exploitation of
the workforce - would somehow bestow prosperity upon the
impoverished Russian masses. 

But, says Stratfor, that's not likely to happen, anyway.

(quote) "In the coming months, it is unlikely the reforms will achieve
their goal. Instead, inflation will continue to strengthen, weakening the
already tenuous economic hold of the Russian population" says the
think tank.


The bottom line?

Things are going to get worse, says Stratfor.

(quote) "Over the past several months the Putin/Kasyanov
administration has scrapped various subsidies and enacted broad
taxes" says the report. 

"The results are increased costs for the basic consumables in Russian
society: Electricity prices have soared 55 percent, natural gas 15
percent to 20 percent, vodka 40 percent and telephone lines 15

(quote) "This is cost-push inflation, and it directly affects all Russians"
says Stratfor in a grim prediction.



Next ... a special economic report, focusing on developments in global
petroleum industry and how these developments impact the global
capitalist economy.

In the studio tonight is local energy researcher Roger Baker, who is
also a coproducer of KOOP's alternative mobility program, "Right-of-
Way", which airs in about half and hour.

<LIVE: ad-lib discussion with Roger Baker>


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And that's all the time we have for tonight's special edition of "Breaking
the Silence".  

The next edition of "Breaking the Silence" to be produced by Straight
Facts Radio is scheduled for August 7th.

And stay tuned for "The Bike Lane", coming next, right here on KOOP
Austin, 91.7 MHz.

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