Bill bartlett--

Political democracy is THE form/essence of  most of the big bourgeois
powers political
superstructures  today !
You admit the bosses use their economic power , ownership of  economy ,
to build up  govermental power to do their bidding. Great!  Then how on
earth  is 
punching these governments ballot papers going to be be allowed to 
seriously alter this 
ruling class power?

Bourgeois democracy is the most effective way(for now anyway)  to keep the
workers politically
confused and loyal  ideologically  and hence easler to manipulate  by
to defend the bourgeois terrain , weakening greatly  the workers class 
interests , actions,
hence  developing class  consciousness in  struggle, action itself.

Even in 'democracy" ( a sham) , the  big bosses rule thru their hold over
the state bureacracy,
 institutionally, and not just  thru parliament any more.  Bill.The
capitalists have stolen a huge march
on  you on this front.
Its time to begin to wake up!.

You still don't explain why the political state (US)  will hand out
red,whate and blue 
stickers to those who vote. I'ts because they are doing the  'duty' the
rulers and
their State power  want them to do.
Or do you think the State/government is really 'neutral" in all of this
class antagonism budding up
out of the wages system?


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